Transpac Dolomite Blue Spring Shibori Design Hanging Planter

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The Transpac Dolomite Square Blue Spring Shibori Design Hanging Planters are ceramic hanging planters with unique Japanese inspired pattern that hang from natural Jute rope hangers! The blue & white color add a touch of freshness to your space!

Shibori means "to wring, squeezes, & press" in Japanese. Shibori has been practiced in Japan for over 1300 years. It uses wooden blocks to create these gorgeous patterns!

These are stunning pots that your trailing houseplants will look amazing in! Hang these from your ceiling or window curtain rod & watch your houseplants cascade down!

This collection comes in 2 sizes. So you'll find the one that fits perfect for your trailing plant!

Hanging planters are perfect for small spaces! They take up less space because they don't need to sit on a table, desk, or shelf. Hanging pots are also a great way to visually bring your eye up in your room! You can hang them from the ceiling, a decorative hook on the wall, or even in front of your window from the curtain rod!



  • Perfect size for small sized trailing houseplants such as pothos
  • Great for small spaces
  • Unique Shibori pattern
  • Fresh blue & white color


Product Details


    Large: 6"H x 6”W

    Small: 5"H x 5"W

Material: Dolomite

Drainage Hole: No

Saucer: No

Made By: Transpac

Colors: Blue & White