Roots Garden And Coffee Shop


Life plants you exactly where you need to be.

I had a dream 15 years in the making. This little downtown of Concordia, Missouri has always captured by heart, as it has so much it could offer. Old buildings!!! I see them & all their history & all their potential!

This one! My favorite in town! My daily walks would take me past this beauty & the ideas would just roll!

I love to watch things transform into their most beautiful state, so I decided to share this one as it will be a journey! Lots of muscle & love going into this! I am so excited to share this transformation with you as we bring this gorgeous little gem back to life!


The day I finally walked in, I knew, I could see it all! Every piece fell into place. Every aspect of how I wanted the space to feel! How it would be used! How I wanted guests to walk in & feel welcomed! It all came together the moment I first walked in!


We have a LOT of renovating to do! Everything will be done to keep the building's aesthetics the same, & accentuate all the good stuff it has going for it! We will be working hard to make the changes, preserve the beauty of the pas while creating many delightful spaces to enjoy!

While I would love for this to happen quickly! It will be a work of love & will take some time to get exactly what I want!


For those who love old structures, renovations, design, plants, beautiful spaces, transformations, & well a few unexpected twists; stay tuned! I plan to share my little adventure with you!