Heylo Silver Oxidized Planter

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The Heylo Silver Oxidized Planter is a glamorous piece of artwork!  The silver color gives this flower pot a raw & timeless look! If you're looking for a statement piece to add to your home décor, this is it! You can use the Heylo planter has a flower pot or a vase!

This planter pairs perfectly with medium sized houseplants such as a Sanseveria "Snake Plant" or a Staghorn Fern! To showcase this glamorous Heylo planter, use it as a centerpiece on your dinning room table!


  • Perfect size for medium houseplants such as small Sanseveria & Staghorn Ferns
  • Glamorous, raw, & timeless look
  • Piece of artwork - makes a statement


Product Details

Dimensions: 9 1/2"H x 9 1/2"W

Material: Aluminum

Drainage Hole: Yes

Saucer: No

Made By: House Doctor

Colors: Silver