Gemstone 7" Pedestal Bowl by Momma Pots

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Meet the Gemstone Collection made by Momma Pots! This beautiful collection features a display of rich, vibrant colors with a modern design.

The Gemstone collection is perfect match for your houseplants! Each piece is designed with the plant parent in mind. These incredibly designed planter bowls are created from food-grade, high-quality porcelain. The bright, bold colors make your houseplants stand out!

The Gemstone 7" Pedestal Bowls are available in multiple color variations including Sea Glass, Blue, and Black.





  • Perfect size for small houseplants such as succulents
  • Created by Momma Pots
  • Beautiful, bold colors


Product Details

Dimensions: 7" x 3"

Material: High quality porcelain

Drainage Hole: No

Saucer: No

Made By: Momma Pots

Colors: Sea glass, blue, & black