Crocodile Fern Styled in Ollar Jar

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Not only do I love plants of all shapes & sizes but when I find one that has such a fun texture to it, it's one I must have!!

The Crocodile Fern is truly fun & funky yet a stylish houseplant. It's leaves resemble that of a croc0dile. How cool is that!?

Weather you're a seasoned plant enthusiast or a new plant parent, this gorgeous plant will bring a touch of the tropics to your home! With proper care, this palnt canstand out and give any space that added touch of warmth!

Plant Care
•Moderatly easy to care for
•Needs bright, indirect sunlight - Near a south or west facing window. Direct sunlight will cause the leaves to burn.
•Water twice a week. Likes moist but not soggy soil. Let soil slightly dry between waterings.
•Loves humidity

Additional Information
•Crocodile Fern styled in the Olla Jar with preserved Spanish moss
•Planter dimensions: 12"H x 8.5"W
•Plant size & variety will vary depending on what's in stock at the green house
•Planter: Handmade from rich delta clays & iron oxides. A warm finish with hints of straw, twine, & driftwood. Modern take on terracotta. Created by Anamese Pottery. Has drainage hole.