Sanseveria styled in Sansui Jar

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This houseplant is a CLASSIC!

You can't deny the beauty the Sanseveria has, with it's sword-like upright leaves & gorgeous leaf design!

I love using the Sanseveria as way to draw one's eye to a focal point, such as a painting or mirror, in my home.

AND... it's 1 of the easiest houseplants to care for! Simply place anywhere in your home & water once every few weeks. This plant can thrive in a range of light from bright, direct sunlight to low sunlight & it's drought tolerant. It makes for the perfect houseplant for beginners, busy owners, or those who desire a timeless houseplant in their home!

The Sansui Jar is part of our Vietnamese Unglazed Collection by Anamese Pottery. It's created with a proprietary mix of rich delta clays and iron oxides. The result is a subtle, neutral finish that’s warm with hints of straw, twine, and driftwood. It’s a beautiful spin on Terracotta.

•Sanseveria styled in the Sansui Jar with preserved Spanish Moss
•Planter dimensions: 20"H x 20"W
•Plant size & variety will vary depending on what's in stock at the green house
•Planter: Terracotta. Created from rich delta clays & iron oxides with hints of straw, twine, & driftwood. Made by Anamese Pottery. Has drainage hole.