Hoya Wayetii Tricolor styled in the Flower Fence Planter

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This week our Styled Houseplant of the Week is HOYA WAYETTI TRICOLOR!

Autumn is the perfect time to style your home with houseplants! They bring a simple, elegant look to your fall décor.

One of my favorite Hoyas is the Hoya Wayetti Tricolor! I LOVE the variegated leaves that have a mix of green, cream, AND PINK! They look amazing, they're eye catching, & are great for small spaces!

Not to mention they are EASY TO CARE FOR! Simply place near a sunny window (south or west facing window) & water about every 2 weeks. Bonus...the more sun exposure the more pink comes out in the leaves!

They are drought tolerant and provide a colorful, contemporary aesthetic for your fall décor!

•Hoya Wayetii Tricolor styled in the Flower Fence Planter with preserved Spanish Moss
•Planter dimensions: 4"H x 4"W
•Plant size & variety will vary depending on what's in stock at the green house
•Planter: Made from high quality ceramic. Has no drainage hole. Made by Blue Sky Clayworks.