Golden Pothos styled in Leopard Print Clemente Planter

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This week our Styled Houseplant of the Week is GOLDEN POTHOS!!!

I really enjoy all of my Golden Pothos! That's right, I have more than one! This plant has a simple beauty, with it's heart-shaped green leaves & yellow variegation, that helps it go with all décor!

AND... it's 1 of the easiest houseplants to care for! Simply place near an west facing window out of the suns rays & water once a week. This plant is will let you know when it needs a drink of water as the leaves will slightly wilt. But it's really forgiving and will spring right back to life!

I have one in my reading nook, one on a tall bookshelf, & another hanging in the corner in my bathroom!

I want you to enjoy this houseplant as well...if it's your 1st plant, or 2nd, or 100th!

•Golden Pothos styled in the Leopard Print Clemente Planter
•Planter dimensions: 8.5"H x 10"W
•Plant size & variety will vary depending on what's in stock at the green house
•Planter: Made from high quality terracotta with a copper finish. Has drainage hole.