Bronze Hanging Planter

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The Bronze Hanging Planters are a warm chestnut, bronze, metal hanging pot with faux leather hangers. Bronze has resurfaced as the metal of choice for interior design! Adding a touch of bronze is a great way to add old world charm & warmth to your home!

These are gorgeous pots that your trailing houseplants will look amazing in! Hang these from your ceiling or window curtain rod & watch your houseplants cascade down!

This collection comes in 3 sizes. So you'll find the one that fits perfect for your trailing plant!

Hanging planters are perfect for small spaces! They take up less space because they don't need to sit on a table, desk, or shelf. Hanging pots are also a great way to visually bring your eye up in your room! You can hang them from the ceiling, a decorative hook on the wall, or even in front of your window from the curtain rod!



  • Perfect size for small-medium sized trailing houseplants such as pothos
  • Great for small spaces
  • Warm, neutral bronze
  • Unique way to decorate your window or dull corner


Product Details


    Large: 8” w

    Medium: 6.75” w

    Small: 5” w

Material: Metal base & faux leather hangers

Drainage Hole: No

Saucer: No

Made By: 47th & Main

Colors: Bronze